Practical Guide to Must-See Exhibitions in Paris in 2023 (Part 2)

Because exciting exhibitions in Paris cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand, here is the second part of our previous article (link to Must-See spring-summer exhibitions in Paris) dealing with the temporary and cultural exhibitions not to be missed in Paris this year!

So, if you feel like discovering new horizons and opening up to all forms of art and inspiration, trust us, you're in the right place with Parisi Tour!

  • The Colors Festival Paris 2023

This year, more than 80 artists have come together for this 3rd edition of the Colors Festival, an immersive exhibition on a space of more than 4500 m2 spread over 5 floors. Here, there is no guide, you explore freely and at your own pace the different levels, to take the time necessary to admire and appreciate the artists' proposals.

Speaking of artists, this year painters, but also street artists, illustrators, and photographers, have followed their inspiration to give life to this exhibition, with the colour red as a common thread.

It's beautiful, strong and highly original, we can only recommend you to take a tour of this unusual artistic place!

From 4th February to 10th December 2023 at the Colors Festival: 105, Boulevard Macdonald, 19th arrondissement.

Admission fee: between €6 and €17

  • Alberto Giacometti - Salvador Dalí: Garden of dreams.

Both members of the surrealist movement, the art of Giacometti and Dalí overlap in their depth and raw creativity. This exhibition pays tribute to their friendship and their almost obsessive interest in dreams, the blurred spaces between the conscious and the unconscious, the real and the unreal.

Between the Dalí's paintings and Giacometti's sculptures, the exhibition Garden of Dreams manages to create what sounds like an exchange, almost a conversation, between these two great artists.

Until 8th April 2023 at the Institut Giacometti: 5, rue Victor Schœlcher, 14th arrondissement.

Admission fee: €8.50

  • Surrealism for women?

Let's stay in the surrealism movement with the exhibition Surrealism for women, which this time highlights female artists, too often neglected by museums and shunned by the art market, in favour of their male counterparts.

The aesthetic renewal triggered by this movement in the 20th century saw the emergence of numerous female talents, which this exhibition aims to present to the public. 150 works on display and more than 50 portraits of artists to discover at the Musée Montmartre as soon as spring arrives!

From 31st March to 10th September 2023 at the Musée Montmartre: 12, rue Cortot, 18th arrondissement.

Admission fee: €15

  • Elliott Erwitt, in the lens.

Born in Paris in 1928, Elliot Erwitt is an American photographer of Russian origin, known throughout the world for his street scenes and his photographs of personalities. Charles de Gaulle, Che Guevara, Jackie Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe have all passed before the artist's lens.

The exhibition retraces the whole of his work, between 1949 and 2000, with photographs in black and white and in colour. The connoisseur will discover or rediscover the photographer's sharp eye, but also and above all, the artist's view of the world. A touching, unique view, full of humanity.

At the same time photographer, traveler, and reporter, as gifted at immortalizing historical scenes as he was at capturing the most banal moments of everyday life, the talented artist plunges you into his universe, rich in humour and emotion.

Not to be missed!

From 23rd March to 15th August 2023 at the Musée Maillol: 59-61, rue de Grenelle, 7th arrondissement.

Admission fee: between €10 and €15

  • Eternel Mucha

If his name doesn't ring a bell, you've probably already seen his magnificent works, which sublimate both female beauty and nature!

Alphonse Mucha was a poster artist, illustrator, graphic designer, painter, and art teacher (yes, nothing less), but also one of the most emblematic personalities of the "Art Nouveau" movement. In fact, one could even say that he was its master!

With Eternal Mucha, the Mucha Foundation joins the Grand Palais Immersif in paying tribute to the work of this avant-garde artist, by staging an interactive and sensory exhibition, placed under the sign of refinement and elegance. A real success!

From March 22th to November 5th 2023 at the Grand Palais Immersif: 110, rue de Lyon, 12th arrondissement.

Admission fee: €16

  • Chagall, Paris – New York.

Last but not least, the new digital exhibition devoted to a painter who needs no introduction: Marc Chagall. Closely related to Paris and New York, two cities that have significantly marked the artist's life, this exhibition retraces the major stages of his work, as well as his inspirations and his life experience, all set to a background of classical, klezmer, and jazz music.

Modern art in all its originality is brought to light thanks to the projectors, but what will touch you here is above all the possibility of penetrating into the bold and colourful universe of a man imbued with mystery, who knew how to make his art his most beautiful means of expression.

From 17th February 2023 to 1st January 2024 at La Halle, Atelier des Lumières: 38, rue Saint-Maur, 11th arrondissement.

Admission fee: €16



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