A Day of Pleasures in the Heart of Champagne!

Parisi Tour vous emmène en Champagne à la découverte d’un patrimoine unique au monde.
Appellation d’origine protégée, région historique de France, synonyme de fêtes, de luxe ou
encore de savoir-faire ancestral… le Champagne réveille les imaginaires.
Nos guides, fins connaisseurs de la région et du meilleur vin au monde, vous accompagne
pour une journée de visites et de dégustations ! Grande maison, exploitation familiale,
patrimoine d’exception, légendes régionales, villages de charmes et richesses champenoises
feront de cette journée d’immersion, un temps fort de vos vacances en France.

Maison Pommery

Visit to a Major Champagne House: Maison Pommery

We start the day strong with a visit to the prestigious Champagne house, Maison Pommery in Reims. By touring Maison Pommery's facilities, you'll descend 116 steps to a spectacular cellar located 30 meters underground. In total, these interconnected galleries span 18 km, featuring monumental artworks that highlight these extraordinary underground spaces. You'll also enjoy a visit to Villa Demoiselle, a masterpiece of Art Nouveau, where a second tasting awaits you in a charming garden.

champagne excursion

And a Exceptional Family Estate

The grand Champagne houses don't have exclusive rights to producing the world's finest wine. There are also family-owned estates passed down through generations. We take you to visit one nestled in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, amidst historical Champagne slopes. Here, you'll meet passionate individuals eager to showcase their expertise, let you taste their creations, and tour their facilities. Champagne will hold no secrets for you!

Champagne hotel particulier

Discovering the "City of Kings": Reims and Notre-Dame

An essential part of this Champagne escapade, Reims, the capital of Champagne, boasts one of France's most beautiful cathedrals. Since Clovis was baptized there in the late 5th century by Saint Remi, many Kings of France (with a few exceptions) were crowned there. It was also in Reims that Joan of Arc, during the Hundred Years' War, escorted Charles VII (challenged by the English) for his coronation. The esplanade of the Cathedral is the perfect place for a lunch break while admiring this jewel of classical Gothic art.

Reims, Cathédrale, Gothique

Avenue de Champagne: The World's Greatest Concentration of Exceptional Wines!

In Epernay, a charming town south of the Montagne de Reims, exists a spectacular avenue. Most prestigious Champagne houses have established their headquarters in sumptuous private mansions dating from the late 19th or early 20th century. Along nearly a kilometer, you can move from one house to another, sometimes entering to taste a vintage, visit a museum, or dine in their private garden. For enthusiasts of the world's finest wine, it's akin to visiting Disneyland.

Meeting Dom Pérignon, the "Spiritual Father" of Champagne in Hautvillers

Perched on the heights of the Montagne de Reims is the village of Hautvillers, offering splendid panoramas of Champagne's hillsides. This charming village is a pilgrimage site for all Champagne enthusiasts. It was here that Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk responsible for the vineyard of Hautvillers Abbey in the mid-17th century, set out to create the finest wine in the world. Legend credits him with inventing Champagne, discovering the blending of grape varieties, and even the cork stopper. A remarkable manager, Dom Pérignon is indeed the creator of Champagne. Throughout his life, he endeavored to control the natural effervescence of his wine, largely due to the rigorous climate of the region. During that time, Champagne was nicknamed the "Devil's Wine" due to the sound of bottles exploding!

Champagne is more than an incredible commercial history. It's also an exceptional cultural and natural heritage that must be discovered during your stay in France. Just 1.5 hours from Paris, this Champagne excursion is a must in our catalog!



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