Traveler's Guide to Paris: Pay Attention to These Key Points for a Successful Stay

When you plan a trip to the capital, you don't want to think about details and anything else that could cause frustration during your stay. But as wonderful as it is, Paris is still a very big city that millions of people visit daily. So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, there are a few things to which you should pay attention to enjoy your trip thoroughly.

Be careful with your belongings.

This point may seem cliché, but it is worth remembering. Paris is a charming city, and so are its inhabitants (yes, yes, it is!), but as everywhere, snatchings and pickpockets can happen. The more people there are in a city, the higher the delinquency percentage. It's mathematical. No need to hang on to your bag or panic at the slightest touch but be vigilant about your belongings and avoid leaving them lying around, especially if you take the RER or the subway. Beyond thefts, simple forgetfulness happens quickly (and much more frequently).

Learn about the neighborhoods and districts.

Paris could be seen as a huge city with several small towns and villages. The arrondissements delimit these mini-towns and villages. By learning about them beforehand or walking around once you are there, you will realize that they each have their atmosphere and particularity. For example, the 5e arrondissement is the literary district, the 18e is the chic bohemian district, the 4e is the Marais district, the 10e is more modern and urban, the 15e is lively and family oriented, the 11e is young and effervescent, and the 1e r is the hyper center, perfect for shopping and museums.

In short, it can be interesting for you to target the areas that attract you and thus avoid getting lost unnecessarily at the other end of the city.

Choose accommodation according to your schedule.

In the same spirit as the previous point, knowing how much time you can lose in a day on public transportation (as long as you don't get lost), our advice is to choose your accommodation in Paris according to the activities and visits you plan to do. Something central may be a solution, but as in any city, these accommodations will also be more expensive. No fear, though. Paris is full of hotels and Airbnb accommodations accessible to different budgets.

Check the opening days and times before your visit.

Again, it seems logical, but many people are fooled. Between public holidays, exceptional closures, or even closures for construction, you are not safe from seeing some of your activities canceled at the last minute. A quick look at the museum website or the activity in question, and that's it!

Also, if you want to eat in a particular place, don't hesitate to make a reservation, because Parisian restaurants fill up very quickly!

Don't hesitate to ask for help!

Some people love to venture into unknown lands, others less so. If this is your case, our best advice would be to be accompanied by professionals during your stay so that it is as pleasant as possible. Decide what you want to do and leave the management and organization to others. In short, take advantage of these few days to relax, with the assurance that everything will be taken care of, especially you.

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Paris is a city full of history and historical monuments. You can visit it in several ways: alone, with a private guide, or in a group...