Uncharted Paris: 5 Extraordinary Hotels to Explore

A stay in Paris is generally an event, something that you prepare, that you organise, and that you want to remember, especially if it does not happen often. As soon as the dates are set, you already start thinking about the programme, the activities you would like to try, the possible exhibitions you would like to discover, the monuments you would like to visit ... In any case and whatever the reason for your visit, when you come to spend a few days in Paris, it is certainly not to be bored!

But beyond the activities and other entertainment offered by the capital, have you ever thought about the fact that this very entertainment, you could experience it within your own accommodation? This is the perfect way to add a good dose of extra fun to your stay - and the opportunity to discover places you would never have imagined!

So follow the guide, Parisi Tour takes you to 5 of the most unusual hotels in Paris:

  • L’hôtel Cabane

Located in the heart of the 14th arrondissement, the boutique hotel La Cabane offers you a stopover in a true haven of peace. Specially designed for those looking for a bit of calm and greenery to regain their strength between two baths in the Parisian effervescence, La Cabane offers travellers a warm atmosphere, airy spaces, and a tree-lined terrace. A large library, deckchairs in the garden, and a table d'hôte, everything is done to make you feel at home and even better!
The decoration is natural, wooded, to such an extent that you can hardly believe that you are in the heart of the metropolis.

In short, you’ll love it!

Hôtel Cabane — 76 rue RAYMOND LOSSERAND 75014 Paris.

  • VIP Paris Yacht Hôtel :

Change of scenery with the Yacht Hotel, which as its name suggests, is a yacht that offers couples the chance to experience something extraordinary and timeless. Here, you will have the opportunity to sail, dine, and sleep on the Seine. This incredibly romantic cruise will also offer you a visit of Paris from the deck, the restaurant, and even from your cabin!

Good to know, if you opt for one of the seven suites, they all have their own private jacuzzi and sauna.

VIP Paris Yacht Hôtel : Port de la Rapée 75012 Paris

  • Maison Souquet :

At the foot of the Montmartre area lies one of the most erotic hotels in the entire capital. Indeed, because of its history and its racy past, the Maison Souquet attracts many curious people. And for good reason! This sensually decorated mansion is a former brothel from the 19th century (don't worry, all the bedding has been changed!).

Here, you will step back two centuries and immerse yourself into the luxurious atmosphere of the greatest courtesans in history. Between mysteries and fantasies, you will recognise the entrance and the discreet facade of the Maison Souquet, which wished to keep its red lantern lighting. The tone is set!

There is a choice of 20 rooms, including 6 suites and 2 flats, as well as many lounges available to guests, with sofas, bookcases and fireplaces, paintings and other works of art.

Note that for each reservation, you will also have access to the hotel's private spa.

Maison Souquet : 10 rue de BRUXELLES 75009 Paris.

  • Hôtel Seven

The Seven hôtel is unique in that it offers its guests seven luxurious suites, all inspired by a reference to the famous number 7. You will find the suites of the "7th Heaven", the "7th Day", the "7th Sin", the "7th World", the "7th Chakra", the "7th Note", and the "7th Art".

As you can see, each suite has its own atmosphere, all with an original decoration, to make sure of an ultra-comfortable stay in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

Seven Hôtel : 20 rue BERTHOLLET, 75005 Paris.

  • Hôtel du Petit Moulin

Finally to the Marais and our fifth unusual Parisian hotel with an atmosphere designed by the famous fashion designer Christian Lacroix. This atypical place is originally the oldest bakery in Paris, dating back to the time of Henri IV in the 17th century. The original facade was renovated in 1900 and has since been classified as a Historical Monument.

For the record, it is said that Victor Hugo used to come here to get his fresh bread.

Between modern design and the elegance of yesteryear, do not hesitate to enter this place with its bright colours and floral motifs, 16 rooms await you, each more comfortable than the other.

As a bonus, all guests have access to the spa at the hotel Pavillon de la Reine, less than 10 minutes away on foot.

Hôtel du Petit Moulin : 29/31 rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris



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