Plan an Unforgettable Bachelorette Party in Paris!

What better playground than the most beautiful city in the world to celebrate your bachelorette party with your friends? In Paris, you'll find fun, originality, and glamour for a memorable bachelorette weekend with your girlfriends!

Here are some fun, original, sexy, and fashionable ideas to convince you that Paris has all the ingredients to make your bachelorette party an unforgettable experience.

1/ Relaxation time: Hammam and massages at the Great Mosque of Paris

2/ Pop the champagne to music in a public space

3/ Inspired shopping spree with a personal shopper

4/ A photo session: the souvenir moment

5/ Night-club fever !

6/ Road trip in Paris in a vintage 2CV


Hammam and massages at the Great Mosque!

At the beginning of the bachelorette party, in the middle, or after a night of partying, you will certainly need to recuperate, take care of yourselves, and reconnect with each other. The hammam and tearoom at the Great Mosque of Paris are perfect places for reunions and heart-to-heart conversations. In the warm and comforting humidity of the hammam, you can pamper the bride-to-be and treat yourselves to high-quality massages or beauty treatments.

This almost century-old institution will surely surprise you!

2/ Pop the champagne to music in a public space

Paris is full of spectacular places to have a drink with friends in public spaces. On the Pont des Arts or the Pont-Neuf, the Place Dauphine, the quays of the Île Saint-Louis, in the Tuileries Garden, in Montmartre in front of the Sacré-Cœur... pop the champagne and enjoy some music!

To make this a memorable experience, you have two options. Invite a music band to play the favorite style or songs of the bride-to-be, or invite dancers for a spontaneous dance class. Salsa, samba, rock, tango... it's up to you. There's no doubt you'll quickly make a lot of friends among the passersby!

A photo session with a professional

Of course, it's essential to immortalize a Bachelorette party ! There won't be two of these, so treat yourselves to the services of a professional photographer. Some have even made it their specialty. They'll know how to put you in excellent conditions by deciding with you on the time, location, and desired atmosphere for the photos. They can also, if you wish, provide accessories or even costumes.

An inspired shopping session with a personal shopper

In one of the major Parisian department stores – La Samaritaine, Le Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette, or Printemps – treat your friend to the luxury of a shopping session with a stylist.

In addition to their recommendations, your personal shopper will also rent a private lounge for the fitting session to feel like a pre or post makeover experience. weddings, it's up to you. There's no doubt the bride-to-be will enjoy playing the pretty woman le temps d’un week-end et surtout, en compagnie de ses meilleures amies.

Ladies night in Parisian clubs!

At nightfall, you'll most likely want to extend this incredible day on the dance floors of the best clubs in Paris. It's well known that Paris is a party! You won't have any trouble finding the dance floor that suits you, as the choice is particularly wide in Paris, between mainstream clubs, electro, underground, or even VIP.

Some names, nonetheless, so you don't get lost in the bustling Parisian night: the Rex Club, la Machine du Moulin Rouge, le Petit Bain, le Montana, or even la Station Gare des Mines.

A road trip through the streets of Paris in the iconic 2 CV!

Go on a stroll through the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris aboard the elegant 2 CVs of Parisi Tour! Accompanied by a professional photographer, let yourself be guided to the most photogenic spots of the City of Love: the Eiffel Tower, the Île de la Cité, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Place des Vosges, Place Vendôme, Montmartre, Le Marais... In vintage cars decorated for the occasion, with a glass of champagne and macarons in hand, you will enjoy the Parisian landscape to the rhythm of music.

On the road, the highly creative team at Parisi Tour will prepare some festive surprises for you!

Are you convinced then?

The entire Parisi Tour team wishes you an excellent bachelorette party and congratulations to the bride and groom!



Paris is love, the city of lights full of history's charms. So, to immerse yourself in this exceptional atmosphere, visit Paris on board a vintage 2CV or DS car with Parisi Tour, and embark on a ride you'll be sure to remember for a long time!

Because the beauty of France is not limited to its capital, Parisi Tour has created a series of excursions within a few hours of Paris to help you discover the wonders of our heritage.

"To get to know a city, you must first get lost in it", wrote Pierre Assouline.
Follow the advice of this dear writer, and for you to discover all of the capital's richness, history, and splendour, we've created the Paris walking tour!

Paris is a city full of history and historical monuments. You can visit it in several ways: alone, with a private guide, or in a group...