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  • Le Paris Signature


    Paris Signature est bien plus qu'une visite guidée. C'est une immersion dans l'âme même de Paris, un voyage dans le temps à travers l'élégance intemporelle de la Ville Lumière.

  • Paris By Night


    A private and exclusive tour by night. Discover the famous Parisian monuments lit up from the iconic Citroen 2CV.

  • Montmartre la Bohème


    An afternoon in Montmartre organized by Parisi Tour, with a unique program, to experience all the best of Montmartre bohemian style.

  • Paris Paris


    The essential Parisian experience for a first visit to Paris in the iconic Citroën 2CV

  • Paris Secret


    Explorez les secrets cachés de Paris. Une immersion au cœur des trésors méconnus de la Ville Lumière, idéale même pour ceux qui pensent déjà connaître Paris.

  • Paris Chic


    Discover Paris in a 2CV, with champagne and treats on board!


Our specialty is tailor-made experiences.

Parisi Tour - A creative travel agency specializing in tourism and corporate events.

Based in Paris, we are experts in visits to the capital, but our goal is not to remain confined to the same city. This is also why we are already well established in visits to Normandy and the Loire Valley.
Since its creation in 2018, Parisi Tour has continued to share the most original and authentic experiences with its public.
Currently solicited by many companies and agencies in France and internationally, and proud to have received several hundred positive comments, we continue to guarantee high-quality services.
Much more than just a simple visit, it's a unique, original, and surprising experience that awaits you with an authentic Parisian that's proud to show you their city.
A visit from Paris on foot, in a Citroën 2CV and DS or in a private boat, a must for a unique and unforgettable moment.

Organizing a program in a city, you don't know as a tourist can be challenging. That's why the Parisi Tour team offers local expertise to ensure you get the most out of your stay.

Parisi Tour Team

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Happy sunny monday ☀️ Greetings from a handful of our 25 chauffeurs 😍 Always with great energy to take you around Paris ✨

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Welcome to the The Lavatory de la Madeleine ☀️ A hidden little gem, that you maybe dont except to see, walking by over the ground. The amazing Art Nouveau style is with woodwork, varnished mahogany, drained glass windows, mosaics and much more 😍

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Yesterday we had a great ‘séminaire d’entreprise’ for the French Company SmartView ☀️ 7 2CVs cruising through Paris 😍 Do your company want to do teambuilding tour? Then have a look at or send us a dm 💛

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Parisi Signature Experience 💛☀️🍾

The most prestigious tour. A luxurious, private tour of Paris in a classic car 😍

French Champagne and delicious macaroons while discovering the city’s most distinguished and famous districts ✨

With our team and partners of local Parisians and the help of our valued customers, we’ve designed the signature experience to guarantee quality and authenticity.

From the Royal opera house to the magnificent Place Vendôme along the famous and exclusive Rue Saint-Honoré. Pass the famous Palais de l’Elysée to the famous Avenue Montaigne. Enjoy endless shopping possibilities on the Champs-Elysées with Parisi’s influence, you’ll have quick access to luxury stores such as Dior, Louis-Vuitton and Hermès. Your private chauffeur will make you feel like a VIP ☀️

Book your Parisi Signature Tour at #LinkInBio or send us a DM 😊

Video by @laurent_clement_officiel

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Château de Versailles ✨

Discover the magnificent Palace of Versailles with a guide and round-trip transportation from Paris ☀️

Discover the most beautiful jewel in Europe, the apartments of King Louis XIV, the Hall of Mirrors and its beautiful gardens. Your guide will take you to the heart of history 💛

Video by @laurent_clement_officiel

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Super leuk! Echt het geld waard. Je mag zelf je route bepalen en overal foto’s maken. Simon deed het erg leuk. Mega leuk! Zelf je route bepalen, fijn dat hij rijdt. Echt leuk, makkelijk met een autootje ipv alles lopen. Je mag zelf je locatie kiezen waar je afgezet wil worden.
Nice tour We could see most important places we wishes to see. Private and we could stop wherever we wished to. Highly recomended to people who want to have a relax tour and does not want to be in the middle of the crowd.
A wonderful experience in the City of ❤️! Victor was a very warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced tour guide.He also proved to be a very good photographer helping us to get the best pics and experience of Paris, would definitely recommend his services and look forward to calling upon him the next time I visit this beautiful city of ❤️.
Hilary G
Hilary G
Excellent Excellent tour in the gorgeous orange 2cv with a very charismatic young Frenchman. Went to Canal Saint Martin and top of MontMartre. He was very engaging.
Kristi K
Kristi K
Tour-Ride Lots of fun, our guide was knowledgeable and accommodating. We made perfect timing to see the Eiffel Tower light up and lots of other sights along the way. It was a little chilly being that our ride was at night in April, would have brought a light blanket next time.
Patti W
Patti W
Terrific! Romain was very friendly, fun, and knowledgeable of the city. Even sang beautiful French songs during the ride in the Citroen vehicle. Thank you, Romain, for a terrific ride around Paris!
Pje P
Pje P
GENIAL !!! Un grand merci à Antoine qui nous a vraiment fait passer un super moment à bord de la 2CV blanche decapotable. Un passionné et passionnant cet Antoine ! Nous en garderons mon mari, mon fils et moi, un très très bon souvenir ! A faire sans hésiter. Tout était parfait, sa ponctualité, sa conduite et sa bienveillance ! Un moment drôle, hors du temps avec l histoire des lieux visités vraiment TOP !!FONCEZ !!!! Encore Merciiii
The R
The R
Most AMAZING way to see the most beautiful city in the world! We booked two separate tours due to our schedule for our one day in Paris - our guides, Leopold and Alice were both INCREDIBLE. We saw more of the city than I had ever hoped to. We were able to see ALL of the big sites, get out and take photos when we wanted to, and view Paris through the eyes of locals. The routes taken between each site and the knowledge of the little areas that are off the beaten path were so delightful to experience.Would recommend this tour to anybody - both my mother and my 9 year old son were loving every second of the trip - definitely would do this tour again knowing we would see new places and learn so many new things, too!
Raj Dhakal
Raj Dhakal
Good Tour I had the best tour with Romain. He has very good local knowledge Paris.Best way to explore the city. I am very glad I have found him. He is very friendly. Thank you again.

Quality label

Our services meet strict hospitality standards, which make the experience easier for all travelers. Our team of experience designers thoroughly checks every journey and experience before going live.

Our vehicles are regularly cleaned, disinfected, and serviced to ensure the cleanliness and safety of our passengers.és afin de garantir la propreté et la sécurité de nos voyageurs.

At Parisi, we take great care in recruiting cultured guides with multiple facets (artists, comedians, singers, polyglots...) who know how to adapt to the slightest problem and always try to answer your requests as positively and quickly as possible.

All this so that you go away with an unforgettable memory of your stay in Paris.



Did you know…

Mission & Values

Parisi Tour's mission is to offer travelers the most inspiring selection of experiences and services sur mesure, at the best price, bookable in the simplest and most transparent way possible.

The time spent with family and friends makes up the memories forever engraved in our minds. In our hectic lives where time flies at 100 km/h, our dearest wish is to offer travelers a moment of intimacy and relaxation during their visit to France—a precious moment frozen from time and the frustrations of everyday life.

Let our team of designers guide you every step of the way.




  • Retour sur les Journées du Patrimoine avec Parisi Tour

    Retour sur les Journées du Patrimoine avec Parisi Tour

    En route, à bord de notre voiture à voyager dans le temps - l’irrévérente Citroën 2 C - nous vous emmenons sur les traces des cabarets parisiens.

  • Visite guidée en 2CV : comment (re)découvrir Paris à travers les yeux de véritables passionnés

    Visite guidée en 2CV : comment (re)découvrir Paris à travers les yeux de véritables passionnés

    Welcome on board! We take you aboard a splendid Citroën 2CV, a fantastic vehicle for a journey through time, for a trip to the heart of the French capital.

  • Les 40e Journées européennes du Patrimoine avec Parisi Tour !

    Les 40e Journées européennes du Patrimoine avec Parisi Tour !

    Le thème de la 40e édition étant le « Patrimoine vivant », c’est le patrimoine de la nuit et de la fête montmartroise que nous avons choisi de mettre à l’honneur. En route ! Nous partons sur les traces des « Cabarets qui ont fait la légende de Montmartre ».

  • Paris gourmand : un tour culinaire des meilleures boulangeries.

    Paris gourmand : un tour culinaire des meilleures boulangeries.

    Because we know that in France, bread is sacred and that there's nothing better to accompany your morning coffee, evening soup, or Sunday chicken, at Parisi Tour, we've embarked on a little gourmet rally to select the 5 best Parisian bakeries and present them to you right here!

  • Comment profiter de la Coupe du monde de rugby à Paris

    Comment profiter de la Coupe du monde de rugby à Paris

    Pendant la coupe du monde, entre deux matchs, vous aurez très probablement envie de vous exercer au ballon ovale. Pas de panique ! Il existe quelques endroits où les rugbymen amateurs ont l’habitude de se retrouver pour jouer à leur sport préféré.

  • La 2CV, une voiture incontournable pour un mariage original et mémorable

    The 2CV – a must-have car for a unique and memorable wedding

    Le mariage est un événement unique dans la vie d’un couple. Pour rendre cette journée encore plus inoubliable et marquer les esprits, rien de tel que de choisir une voiture originale et pleine de charme : la mythique Citroën 2CV

Best neighborhood to hang out in?2022-11-22T10:39:51+01:00

it depends on your desires. At Parisi, it's the Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Marais and the Canal Saint Martin. We'll take you there!

What if the weather is really bad?2022-11-22T10:39:57+01:00

As you know, our knowledge of Paris is timeless. We will take you to places where the weather no longer matters.

Can we add champagne or a drink?2022-11-22T10:34:17+01:00

We have some excellent chilled champagne. We also have good wine. For minors or those who do not drink alcohol, we have various soft drinks to offer you. Specify your extras at the time of booking.

How long is the tour?2022-11-22T10:40:36+01:00

If it were up to us, all day! Otherwise you have the choice between 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes, 2 hours and 3 hours. For those who wants the complete experience, book the full day of half day tour.

Can I bring my cat?2022-11-22T10:40:41+01:00

Yes! We will visit the fish market.

Chat Ok
Are there any special discounts?2022-11-22T10:40:43+01:00

Yes, for students and cats!

Ecolier et étudiants
Do you work with professional photographers?2022-11-22T10:36:06+01:00

Yes, and we know where the best spots and the best times of the day are for the perfect photo. We have even created luxury photo books!

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone?2022-11-22T10:40:53+01:00

Here is our cancellation policy. Send us a message and we'll sort it out.

Can I bring my children?2022-11-22T10:41:08+01:00

The kids love our cars and we know where to find the best ice cream in Paris!

Paris Family Tour
Visiter Paris en Famille

Une excursion familliale innoubliable

The price per person and how many people fit in a car?2022-11-22T10:41:22+01:00
The 2CV can fit up to 3 people, same price for 1-3 people!
The Citroën DS can fit up to 4 people ! Bring your friends!


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