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Yes, under certain conditions. Get closer to our sales team.

Unfortunately no. But we have everything you need.

it depends on your desires. At Parisi, it's the Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Marais and the Canal Saint Martin. We'll take you there!

As you know, our knowledge of Paris is timeless. We will take you to places where the weather no longer matters.

Your driver can drop you off anywhere in Paris. Just specify it before the turn.

We have some excellent chilled champagne. We also have good wine. For minors or those who do not drink alcohol, we have various soft drinks to offer you. Specify your extras at the time of booking.

The tour can start anywhere in Paris. Specify your starting point up to 2 hours before the tour.

Of course. Just make two reservations.

4 seater

3 place. For reasons of safety and comfort we cannot exceed 3 people.

With pleasure ! Our guides love to take your picture

It all depends on your desires and your mood. Your guide will suggest photo stops during the tour. For tours of 2 hours or more you have time to get out of the car to visit certain places more closely.

If it were up to us, all day! Otherwise you have the choice between 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes, 2 hours and 3 hours. For those who wants the complete experience, book the full day of half day tour.

The routes are never the same. It's the surprise. However, you can make a personalized request to your guide or to our team at the time of booking.



C’est ici Picasso's studio. Vous voulez visiter?


Yes! We will visit the fish market.

Chat Ok

Yes, for students and cats!

Ecolier et étudiants

Yes, and we know where the best spots and the best times of the day are for the perfect photo. We have even created luxury photo books!


Here is our cancellation policy. Send us a message and we'll sort it out.

Around €1.50 at the counter, or €3 at the table.

Café Parisien

It is very common. You can arrange this directly with the driver.

Yes, and we can take care of all the details (except the ring). Send us a message.

we will take you there.

Pain France : la baguette

We have roofs on our cars and umbrellas.

Berthillon Glacier

Berthillon Glacier

The kids love our cars and we know where to find the best ice cream in Paris!

Paris Family Tour
Visiter Paris en Famille

Une excursion familliale innoubliable

yes, yes

The 2CV can fit up to 3 people, same price for 1-3 people!
The Citroën DS can fit up to 4 people ! Bring your friends!
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