Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience with our Food Tour Montmartre. Discover the delights of renowned bakeries, pastry shops, cheese stores, and more. Guided by our expert guides, explore the authentic flavors of Montmartre Hill. Book your tour now!

The Unmissable Food Tour

This tour takes you on a culinary journey through Montmartre and France. Join us for a guided 2-hour tour, discovering the hidden culinary treasures of the Butte and exploring the secrets of Montmartre. Add a touch of style with our 2CV pick-up option for an even more memorable experience. Everything is included in the tour, with the option to purchase products such as cheese, charcuterie, or wine, which we can send directly to your home.

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Copain Bakery

A delicious culinary journey that aligns with a commitment to healthy and eco-friendly eating. We use organic flours and prioritize locally sourced, responsible agriculture.

Boulangerie Boris Lumé :

Internationally known, it inspired the movie and the series 'Miraculous Ladybug.' It's Marinette's bakery, the heroine of the series.

Pâtisserie Boulangerie Gilles Marchal :

An award-winning pastry chef who takes you on a journey through his childhood with delights like the famous madeleines. Come and savor the best madeleines in Paris.

La Mascotte :

A historic brasserie in Montmartre offering the finest seafood and local products. Enjoy delicious oysters paired with a glass of white wine.

Butcher Charcuterie Gaudin Jacky:

A renowned butcher shop in Paris! A direct selection of meats from the surrounding farms. Try products like garlic sausage, country pâté, or rillettes.

La Butte Fromagère :

Enjoy a selection of classic and typically French cheeses with bread sourced from the bakery.


Duration: 2 heures Guide local Parisi

Capacity: 1 to 10 people (For more people, please contact us)

Meeting pointMeeting Point: At Place du Tertre in Montmartre with the guide, or add the option of pick-up in a vintage Citroën 2CV car directly from your hotel.

(With the option of a 2CV pick-up available at an additional cost)

Content of the Tour:

  1. Copain 
  2. Marinette Bakery
  3. Gilles Marchal
  4. La Butte Fromagère
  5. Huîtres de La Mascotte avec un verre de vin
  6. Gaudin Charcuterie


  • Accompaniment by our expert guides.
  • Special offers with partner merchants.
  • Possibility to make purchases during the Food Tour.

Immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience with our Montmartre Food Tour. Discover the delights of renowned bakeries, pastry shops, cheese stores, and more. Accompanied by our expert guides, explore the authentic flavors of Montmartre Hill. Book your experience now !

Paula C
Paula C
Fantastic! Anton was wonderful. He made extra effort to take us to a few more places we asked him about. He carefully parked to get the best advantage for picture taking. He was so engaging and enthusiastic and made Paris come alive! Very good driver and guide!!
Jenny B
Jenny B
Tour of Paris in a 2CV Extremely helpful and friendly driver. Took in both the tourist and less well known places, even stopping to buy us crosswinds in Place du Daphne. Picked up from the hotel and dropped at our choice of location.
Karen S
Karen S
Unique way to see Paris ! Best tour ever! Charming driver. Exceeded my expectation! A beautiful evening in Paris. I would most definitely recommend this adventure!
Unforgettable Paris Adventure: Exploring in a Citroën 2CV Our Citroën 2CV tour of Paris, guided by a knowledgeable and charming driver, was an unforgettable adventure. The vintage car's open design allowed us to soak in the city's beauty, while our guide's insightful commentary brought each landmark to life. From Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower, every moment was filled with wonder and discovery, making it a must-do experience for any Paris visitor.
Mallory L
Mallory L
An amazing and unique experience! This was so fun! Victor was very kind and knowledgeable. He was easy going and made sure we had an amazing experience. We talked and laughed and had a great time! He showed us all the major attractions. The Eiffel Tower location was especially nice for photos. Highly recommend!
What a ride! This was great fun! A bit like Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, but a fascinating kaleidoscope of Paris.. we had tourists taking pictures of us! It was just delightful.. and we got a fabulous overview of the city. David, our driver/guide, is an artist who also does this. We talked about a million things. We got to take little breaks, one by the Seine on what I would have thought was a sidewalk! Up through Montmartre, by the vineyard (who knew?)… it was all fabulous fun.
Anna K
Anna K
Tour in Citroen 2CV Paris Benjamin, was lovely and new so much I did not know from my last trips to Paris. I would recommended him to anyone coming here.
What a blast in Paris! A must do! Had THE MOST FUN WITH ReneJean! This was my last night in Paris and was a highlight of a two week trip in France. A friend told me about this tour so I checked it out. Spent three hours touring around the sites, including a stop for fresh French bread. Since I had been to Paris many times, ReneJean showed me some of his favorite spots that I would have never seen on my own. Of course we saw the majors but it was such a blast and a great way to finish my trip driving around seeing the city through a locals eye. I laughed for three hours listening to great stories, learning some history and getting some awesome photos! I highly recommend this tour and ask for ReneJean! Btw, Marc the owner was very responsive in the booking process and made it easy. Barbara ( GLennie) Browne
A fun experience! We enjoyed our experience and Antoine was a great guide! We just wish that the tour was longer - especially since our tour got bumped up by an hour the day before to accommodate other tours and we only got to really visit Montmartre (which we had already walked around) because we sat in a rush hour traffic jam in the 10th for the second half of our tour before we had to be dropped off so he could make it to his next tour on time.