Visite guidée en 2CV : Paris à travers les yeux de véritables passionnés

Welcome on board! We take you aboard a splendid Citroën 2CV, a fantastic vehicle for a journey through time, for a trip to the heart of the French capital.

Allow yourself to be guided through the history of Paris's treasures: historic landmarks, grand mansions, churches, gardens, royal squares, and avenues... by your guide, a true Parisian, deeply passionate about the city he calls home. Following this tour, you'll gain profound insights into the architecture, urban development, and the vibrant life of the neighborhoods in the world's most exquisite city.

De Notre-Dame à la Tour Eiffel : une croisière en 2CV sur les quais de Seine !

The Seine is the very heart of Paris! For many centuries, the river was the primary means of communication in the capital and, as a result, at the center of Parisian life. So, it's not surprising to find some of the most beautiful buildings in Paris along its banks.

Along the banks of the Seine, aboard your vintage convertible car, from the Île de la Cité, home to the majestic Notre-Dame de Paris, to the Eiffel Tower crowning a century of revolutions, you'll be able to admire: the Palais de la Cité, the first residence of the Kings of France; the Louvre Palace, initially a fortress built to defend Paris from invaders under Philip II Augustus; the Tuileries Garden, designed by André Le Nôtre, the landscaper of the Palace of Versailles; the Monnaie de Paris, a magnificent private mansion housing the Museum of Money; the Hôtel des Invalides and its esplanade, a military complex built under the orders of Louis XIV; and some of the most beautiful bridges in Paris.

Narrated with the passion of a Parisi Tour guide, you'll be surprised to discover numerous anecdotes about these Parisian treasures! Always eager to captivate their passengers, our guides offer tailor-made tours. Each proposed tour is unique!

Les grands monuments racontés par des locaux : authenticité garantie !

How many times have you heard the story of the Eiffel Tower, the icon of an entire country? But do you really know what the Eiffel Tower means to a Parisian?

Much more than just tourist guides, our guides are Parisians in love with their city. With emotion, they will tell you the human and social history of the great monuments, the connections that unite these monuments to the French from generation to generation.

And the Arc de Triomphe, a monument to the glory of Napoleon and his troops, inaugurated in 1836, do you really know it? Almost two centuries after its creation, it still holds tremendous symbolic significance for the nation. Today, it represents all of the country's victories and struggles. The tomb and the flame of the unknown soldier, the military parade of July 14th, popular gatherings on the occasion of the great sporting victories of the French teams, or even social protests - all these events are connected to the Arc de Triomphe on the Place de l'Étoile.

Your guide will sincerely convey to you the historical significance of the great Parisian monuments and what they have become over the centuries.

Les quartiers mythiques de Paris, racontés par leurs habitants !

That's also one of the advantages of a 2CV tour with Parisi Tour. Exploring a neighborhood with one of its residents will provide you with an authentic perspective. Between personal and historical anecdotes, you'll feel like you've lived there or visited an old friend.

Your guide will suggest stops that allow for some walking tours!

In the village of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, your guide will take you through the medieval streets of the abbey district, invite you to enter the Art Deco literary cafes (among the most famous in Paris, such as Flore, Les Deux Magots, or Lips), and point out the art galleries to visit.

In the Latin Quarter, he will tell you the history of the Sainte-Geneviève Hill, which is so significant in the history of Paris, as well as in the lives of students who have made it their headquarters for more than eight centuries.

In the Marais, your guide will open the doors to gardens and private mansions to show you the splendor of this trendy district with its hidden treasures. Indeed, it is in the Marais that you can find the most beautiful private mansions in the capital. Most of them have become public buildings, so you can enter without even needing to purchase a ticket. You can also make a stop at Place des Vosges to enjoy some local products.

These are just a few activities that, we hope, will inspire the rest of your day or your stay in Paris.

Des anecdotes et des conseils de vrais parisiens !

You've got it, touring Paris in a 2CV, accompanied by an enthusiast, is a must-do! Our 2CV tours at Parisi Tour offer much more than simple tours of Paris; they are immersive experiences in French culture and history. Thanks to the quality and personality of the guides on our team, we offer you a completely different perspective on Paris.

A 2CV ride with Parisi Tour is the guarantee of delving deep into the secrets of Paris in record time and leaving with the most beautiful photo of your trip!



Paris is love, the city of lights full of history's charms. So, to immerse yourself in this exceptional atmosphere, visit Paris on board a vintage 2CV or DS car with Parisi Tour, and embark on a ride you'll be sure to remember for a long time!

Because the beauty of France is not limited to its capital, Parisi Tour has created a series of excursions within a few hours of Paris to help you discover the wonders of our heritage.

"To get to know a city, you must first get lost in it", wrote Pierre Assouline.
Follow the advice of this dear writer, and for you to discover all of the capital's richness, history, and splendour, we've created the Paris walking tour!

Paris is a city full of history and historical monuments. You can visit it in several ways: alone, with a private guide, or in a group...