Immerse yourselves in the enchanting ambiance as you cruise along the Seine, surrounded by the city's iconic landmarks. Whether it's the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, the grandeur of Notre-Dame Cathedral, or the charming bridges that adorn the river, each view is sure to leave you breathless.

Choose an original and cheerful option for your wedding, with the rental of our 2CV!

Paris Mariage

Le jour J en 2 CV : une façon insolite de célébrer son amour avec style et originalité

Lâcher de ballons, envol de colombes, tous les éléments sont rassemblés pour faire de cette journée un souvenir mémoranle. Tous ? Il ne vous manque plus que notre „deudeuche“ pour épater votre famille et vos amis. Avec son toit ouvert, son style années 80, et son bruit du moteur légendaire, la 2 CV est juste époustouflante. Elle séduit et charme toutes les personnes qui la croisent.

It is therefore the ideal partner to accompany you during the day of your wedding. For the occasion, we transform our old car all in white, with balloons, and other accessories so that it is perfectly prepared for the arrival at the church or at the town hall.

L’équipe Parisitour répond à toutes vos demandes par e-mail à l’adresse et par téléphone au 06 45 28 31 22.

On D-Day, your journeys become classic car rides

Parisitour accompanies you in 2 CV on your wedding day to make you and your guests live an extraordinary moment. In addition, we offer you champagne, a balloon throw and/or a dove throw. It is therefore a moment of celebration, joy, and above all that will remain engraved in the minds.

Le trajet en 2 cv de location, c’est la touche raffinée qui complètera parfaitement votre mariage !

Imagine coming out of the altar on the arm of your spouse, among your loved ones and family, a glass of champagne in your hand, in the middle of flying doves and there, our 2 horses are waiting for you to continue the party. What more could you wish for ? A particularly festive 4-wheel partner for rent, which adds a whole new touch on D-Day!

Paris Mariage

L’équipe Parisitour se tient à votre disposition pour toutes réservations ou questions par e-mail à l’adresse ou par téléphone au 06 45 28 31 22.

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Paris is love, the city of lights full of history's charms. So, to immerse yourself in this exceptional atmosphere, visit Paris on board a vintage 2CV or DS car with Parisi Tour, and embark on a ride you'll be sure to remember for a long time!

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